Psilocybe kit (magic mushrooms)

In Netherlands the psilocybe kits are legals. In other parts of the world they are illegal, so if you are thinking about making an order it's your responsability to check your local laws. People from all the world visit this website so you are the only responsible for your acts. This website is exclusively for an adult audience.

Where to buy Psilocybe kits

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Watering the home grow kit

Carefully open one corner of the lid of the box. Gently turn on the tap and let the box fill up with water. Make sure the substrate is completely sumerged. Close the lid and let the box stand like this for 12 hours. After 12 hours again open one corner of the lid and let all the excess water run off. Remove the lid completely and put the box in the bag. Fold the top and close it with two paperclips. Do not throw the lid away! Clean it and store it. Put the home grow kit in a warm spot (20-25C) in the light, not in the sun or above the radiator. Leave the bag closed and the first mushrooms will appear in 14 days. These will mature in about 7 days.

Poner agua Escurrir Reposo Cosecha


Mushrooms don't appear continuosly but in so called 'flushes'. Preferrably pick them when the veil on the underside of the cap has just teared. If you wait too long the caps will open and the mushrooms will drop their spores. These will colour the mushrooms and the inside of the bag black/purple. This is just a cosmetic problem however although some people say it can cause contaminations. Pick all mushrooms at once, except when one or two are growing much faster than their brothers. Harvest these and let the rest continue to grow. Small mushrooms between the substrate and the side of the box are best left disturbed.


Immediately after harvesting the box needs to be watered again for the next flush. Remove all mushrooms that failed to grow out, put the lid on the box and water it for 12 hours like you did when you started the kit. The cycle of watering, growing and harvesting can be repeated until the substrate is depleted. Often this is only after four to five flushes.


Hallucinogenic mushrooms are not a toy or party drug, so use them wisely. Inform yourself well about their effects before consumption. The first time do not take more than 15 grams fresh. Keep away from children and pets. Do not use the mushrooms if you're pregnant, have physical and/or mental problems or use medicines. When in doubt always consult a doctor. Do not combine with alcohol or other drugs. For adults only.

Solely intended for the small scale home cultivation for personal use!